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We Bring Qualified Job Candidates to Businesses In All Industries.

HireAbility Spokane promotes the hiring of people with developmental disabilities in Spokane County. We provide resources and support to employers and partner with supported employment professionals to create employment solutions that contribute to a diverse, inclusive workforce.

Tips & Resources for Employers

5 Steps to Create an Accessible and Inclusive Workplace

5 Steps to Create an Accessible and Inclusive Workplace

As the workforce becomes more diverse, it's important for employers to create a more accessible workplace that is welcoming to all. This means ensuring that all employees, including those with disabilities, can fully participate in work activities and have access to...

We Bring Qualified Job Candidates to Businesses In All Industries.
HireAbility Spokane provides Spokane County businesses with education, support and employment solutions by connecting them with skilled individuals who have developmental disabilities and are seeking careers.
Access A Large Pool of Job Seekers Who Are Ready to Meet Your Employment Needs!
HireAbility Spokane works with hundreds of candidates supported by 11 local employment agencies. We identify their strengths and your needs to match you with the best candidate for the highest chance of sustainable employment success.

Companies We’ve Worked With

Companies We’ve Worked With


These businesses have successfully grown their workforce by hiring skilled, diverse employees with developmental disabilities.
Matt Polley

Brookdale Park Place Retirement Community

Tyler Wilson

Davenport Hotel

Sorretie Jaro

Sacred Heart Hospital

HireAbility Spokane in the Community

Jessica at Spokane Gymnastics

Jessica at Spokane Gymnastics

๏ปฟ Krem News did a great story on Jessica who works at Spokane Gymnastics. Hireability had facilitated and organized an interview event that the team at Spokane Gymnastics attended. When they met Jessica, it was a perfect fit. Watch the video above for the whole story...

Spokane Talks with Hireability Spokane

Spokane Talks with Hireability Spokane

Colin from Spokane Talks spoke with Charly Walters of Hireability Spokane and Stephen Eyman from WISE about how they help employers connect with job seekers who have developmental disabilities. The interview starts at 4:25.

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