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YMCA of the Inland Northwest 

Spokane, WA

Jerimiah Shepard | Sanitation Worker

At Spokane’s Central YMCA location, countless members use the fitness machines for their daily workouts.  What many of them have come to recognize over the past few months, is that there’s a reason why those machines look sparkly-clean every time they climb aboard. That reason is Jerimiah Shepard.

For the past several months, Jerimiah has been hard at work keeping up with the dusting, vacuuming, and general machine sanitization that keeps the Y looking in tip-top shape for it’s members.

“Dusting!” laughs Jerimiah when asked about his largest cleaning task.  But all the dust doesn’t seem to faze him.  Jerimiah enjoys all the meticulous cleaning that each machine needs, and takes pride in doing job well done.

Bret Due, an Employment Consultant, from “At Work!” is part of a team that has been providing support to both Jerimiah and the YMCA, throughout Jerimiah’s employment journey.

“When Jerimiah started, he was doing basic cleaning of the machines, but has since worked his way up to more complex deep-cleaning tasks. He also has seen an increase in working hours too,” says Bret.

“Jerimiah is super excited to go to work. I’ve seen his confidence grow and the members are really getting to know him and stopping by to tell him how much they appreciate the work he does,” he adds.

When the folks at AtWork! reached out to YMCA Branch Executive, Pat Estes, he was in dire need of someone with Jerimiah’s skills, and needed that someone to start immediately.

“The timing was perfect, as I really needed someone to deep clean,” said Pat.  Jerimiah was a perfect fit and has been such a pleasure to have on the floor that we awarded him “Employee of the Month” after his first month. AtWork! has also been professional and always making sure we and Jeremiah have the support we need,” said Pat.

Congratulations Jerimiah on your “Employee of the Month” award, and your new position with the Central YMCA!

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