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Spokane County Community Services

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Katie Sanders | Department Aide in Housing & Community Development
15 years ago, Katie Sanders didn’t know a whole lot about community services, but she did know that she wanted a career change. When Brian Nichols, a Program Manager for the county’s developmental disabilities division, approached her about a job opening, she was eager to give it a try.

“I had been working with DSHS for a few years but was ready to try something new. When Brian told me about the opening, I immediately applied,” said Katie.

Now, many years later, Katie still enjoys being the go-to person, in a busy office that always needs documents folded, packets bound, mail posted and metered, and dozens of other tasks associated with large mail outs.

“I really enjoy helping the staff here with all their needs, but I especially enjoy helping with the few events that we do off site,” she said.

When Katie first started, she was working in a shared, open office space. Katie found this environment to be a little distracting and stressful at times. Her employer worked with Katie to maximize her abilities, now Katie has her own office, computer, and the space to do her job more efficiently and accurately.

“I love to keep busy throughout the day, completing one job after another,” said Katie. “I have a daily task list that I work from but sometimes I do run out of things,” she adds.

Bethany Johnson, a Transition Specialist for the county, has worked alongside Katie for the last year. She often has daily ‘to-do’s’ for her and knows that she can always count on Katie to do the job right.

“Katie is always willing to do what’s asked of her. She finishes jobs timely, accurately and always does it with a good attitude,” said Bethany. “I also really appreciate that she sends out e-mails, letting us know when she has additional time to take on more work.”

Katie’s reliability, attitude and willingness to get any job done have made her a very valuable member of the county’s community service team. Years of dedicated service have no doubt made her role vital to the county’s ongoing missions.

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